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Best MW3 XRK Stalker loadout and class setup

Get those headshots with the best XRK Stalker loadout in Modern Warfare 3

A close-up of the XRK Stalker in Modern Warfare 3.
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Looking for the best XRK Stalker loadout in Modern Warfare 3? One of the new contenders in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Season 1, the XRK Stalker is a potent Sniper Rifle that impresses right off the bat with top-of-the-line damage and excellent stats in range, accuracy, and recoil control.

You'll need to unlock the unlock the XRK Stalker on sector A4 on Modern Warfare 3's battle pass map before you can start using it. Thankfully, it's relatively easy to grab this gun - just start with sector A1, head north to A2, and then end on A4 to claim your prize.

While it's a bit early to determine if the XRK Stalker can rise in MW3's meta to permanently topple the big boys at the front of our best Sniper Rifles list, the potential is certainly there. If you want to practice with the newest sniping machine on the block, read on for the full details on the best attachments, secondary weapon, perks, and all the equipment that you need to rack up headshots.

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Why use the XRK Stalker in MW3?

There's no reason to not give the XRK Stalker a go once you've unlocked it, as its stats are among the top echelon of Modern Warfare 3 Sniper Rifles and represent a nice combination of heavy-hitting damage, ADS speed, and recoil control. If you like quickscoping, the XRK Stalker may very well surpass the FJX Imperium, currently our favourite in the game, and with a few adjustments to mobility, this rifle will handle like a dream in the field.

Best XRK Stalker loadout in MW3

  • Barrel: Handler LKP Short Barrel
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Bolt: XRK Stalker Light Bolt
  • Rear Grip: XRK Stalker Factory Grip

The XRK Stalker has rock solid stats in most areas, and can afford to take a slight hit to improve its mobility and handling. That's what our intent is with this loadout, which is designed for the mobile quickscoper. Yes, you'll see damage, range, and recoil control decrease a bit, but these attachments will make sprinting across the map to take up position far easier.

Barrel: Handler LKP Short Barrel

It's a bit of a wildcard pick, but the Handler LKP Short Barrel starts off our speedy loadout with improvements to four types of speed - ADS, movement, sprint to fire, and sprint. It's possible that the decreases to bullet velocity and range will bother you, so there's no harm in going with the KLX-09 Short Barrel if you want something a little more conservative.

Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser

For nice increases to aiming stability, ADS speed, and sprint to fire speed, the FSS OLE-V Laser is the right choice. Keep in mind that your laser will be visible while in ADS, but with enough practice and stealth this won't be a huge detriment.

Stock: No Stock

Handling any Sniper Rifle always means sacrificing movement in favour of big power, but the No Stock option is a great choice for increasing the XRK Stalker's mobility and making you less of a target as you get into position. The Light Stock is a good alternate if you haven't unlocked the No Stock yet.

Bolt: XRK Stalker Light Bolt

You don't want to be a sitting duck in between shots, and the XRK Stalker Light Bolt will make your rechamber speed much faster. Combined with the No Stock option, you'll be much more agile now than if you were wielding the default XRK Stalker.

Rear Grip: XRK Stalker Factory Grip

The XRK Stalker Factory Rear Grip gives us even more mobility, with improvements to sprint to fire and ADS speed. You'll see a minor drop to gun kick control and recoil control as the trade-off.

Best XRK Stalker class setup: Secondary weapon

Striker, Lachmann Sub.

Supplementing your sniper setup with a punchy SMG will come in handy during those moments when you need to take care of enemies at close range. Equip the Overkill Vest for the ability to use another primary in your secondary weapon slot and give the Striker or Lachmann Sub a go. Both guns made the list of our favourite SMG in Modern Warfare 3 and are more than capable of taking out the trash.

Best XRK Stalker class setup: Perks and Equipment

Overkill Vest, Stalker Boots, Quick-Grip Gloves, Ghost T/V Camo, Frag Grenade, Battle Rage.

You'll want to select the Overkill Vest to quickly swap guns, reload while sprinting, and equip another primary weapon. Go for the Stalker Boots for speed boosts while strafing and using your ADS view, and the Quick-Grip Gloves are a fine asset for switching to your SMG in a pinch.

For even more stealthy tactics, wear the Ghost T/V Camo to stay off enemy radar while moving across the map. Finally, both the Frag Grenade and Battle Rage will come in handy to disorient foes with a quick blast and heal up when you're under enemy fire.

Best XRK Stalker alternatives in Modern Warfare 3

FJX Imperium, Longbow.

Both the FJX Imperium and Longbow are our current top picks amongst Modern Warfare 3's sniping guns, though the XRK Stalker does give both a run for their money. It's worth experimenting with the FJX Imperium if you want another good all-around Sniper Rifle, while the Longbow impresses with a big magazine and great damage for one-shot-kills.

That's finishes our peek at the XRK Stalker. For more on all the weapons in MW3, take a look at our guide to the best guns in the game. Our guide to the best loadouts in Modern Warfare 3 will also help you maximise your damage output, no matter what firearm you're using.

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