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Charge your Steam Deck and other USB-C devices with this 100W GaN 4-port charger for £36

That's 10% off an already great value USB wall charger.

ugreen nexode 100w gan charger
Image credit: Ugreen

Gallium Nitride chargers have taken over from their silicon predecessors thanks to their more efficient designs, allowing even physically small chargers to deliver a huge amount of power. One of the best is Ugreen's Nexode 100W, and now this 4-port USB-C charger is down to £36 at MyMemory in the UK with code 10X25. For context, the same charger cost £42 when it was discounted earlier this year!

Having this much power on tap is brilliant, as it allows you to charge single large devices (like a Steam Deck, ROG Ally, MacBook or gaming laptop) at up to 100W, or divide up the load between multiple smaller devices (like phones, cameras, smart watches and tablets) at 45W + 30W + 10.5W + 10.5W.

This means you have enough power to recharge pretty much any mobile device beyond a powerful gaming laptop faster while using it, or charge multiple items more slowly overnight.

To get this price, just use the code 10X25 while the Ugreen charger is in your basket.

screenshot showing a final price of £35.99
Here's what your basket looks like with the code applied.

Thanks for reading and we'll catch you for another deal next time!

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