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Get 32GB of Crucial Pro RAM for less than £50 this Black Friday weekend

Boost your PC's brainpower.

RAM is rarely the first consideration when upgrading a PC, as it has a much smaller impact on performance compared to a better processor or a spanking new GPU. But you also won't get without far it, and we are slowly heading toward the point where more RAM is preferable. This year brought a scare when Star Wars: Jedi Survivor seemingly needed a minimum 32GB of RAM. Luckily that turned out to be an error in the system requirements, but as the size and detail of video game worlds exerts greater demand on load times, RAM will become more important. And if you want to get ahead of the game(s), you can get 32GB of rock solid ram for less than £50 this Black Friday weekend.

As the name suggests, Crucial Pro's 32GB RAM kit furnishes you with two 16GB sticks of DDR4 memory. This is a thoroughly no-nonsense package, from the aggressively sensible visual design that has absolutely no time for race-car colours or ostentatious RGB lighting, to the precision baseline performance of 3200MT/s. Nothing flashy, but with 32 gigs of it you don't need it to be, especially when DDR5 RAM is yet to prove its premium value over other methods of upgrading your PC.

UK Deals:

Crucial Pro 32GB Kit - £48 from Amazon UK (was £97)

US Deals:

Crucial Pro 32GB Kit - $46 from Best Buy (was $70)

If you're in the UK, you can bag the Crucial Pro kit over at Amazon for £48, which down from £97 is less than half-price. Meanwhile, US customers can get the same package over at Best Buy, where it's available at $46, down from $70. That's a great price to cover your bases, letting you save the bigger bucks for any shinier PC components you might have your eye on in our best Black Friday PC gaming deals.

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