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Get a gaming keyboard for £20 with the Razer Cynosa Lite, plus 33% off Xbox Game Pass for PC

That's cynosa bad price for a keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards may offer a superior typing experience, but they are also A) expensive, and B) loud. So if you're looking to save money on your next PC build, or you want to play games late at night without incurring the wrath of your household, then the Razer Cynosa Lite will offer a cheaper, quieter experience. It also packs in a lot of features for a budget board, and you get grab this already inexpensive peripheral for less than half-price this Black Friday weekend.

The Cynosa Lite is built with Razer's "gaming grade" soft-cushioned keys, designed to provide a more solid and dependable typing experience than other rubber-dome keyboards. Rubber-dome keys are never going to match the satisfaction of a mechanical board no matter how well designed they are, but it's difficult to complain when that concession saves you the best part of £100.

The Cynosa Lite has a couple of other features worth noting. First, it's fully programmable through Razer's Synapse software, letting you rebind keys, assign macros, and alter the keyboard's coloured lighting. It's also built to Razer's hallmark durability standards, and is spill-resistant, which makes it a good entry-level keyboard for a first-time PC gamer.

UK Deals:

Razer Cynosa Lite - £20 from Amazon UK (was £45)

Typically, the Cynosa Lite costs around £45, at which price there are other budget keyboards worth considering like the SteelSeries Apex 3. But Amazon's deal brings the Cynosa Lite right down to £20, and it's difficult to argue with any piece of gaming hardware for that price. The keyboard also comes bundled with a 33% off voucher for three months of Xbox Game Pass For PC, which certainly isn't the worst way to try out Microsoft's wide-ranging PC gaming subscription service.

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