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Get a great gaming laptop for less than £1000 with the Gigabyte G5 KF

Ray-traced gaming on the road.

Gaming laptops are a tougher proposition at a time when the Steam Deck offers portable PC gaming at a fraction of the cost. Yet while Valve's handheld is great for playing indie games and older AAA titles, there are some circumstances where it's simply not fit for purpose. It isn't really suited for twitchy multiplayer shooters, while glossy ray traced experiences are beyond its capabilities. So if you're after that kind of gaming on the go, a laptop remains ideal, and you can get a great portable gaming device for less than a grand this Black Friday weekend.

The Gigabyte G5 KF is the latest variant of the Gigabyte G5, a laptop James was mostly positive about when he reviewed it back in 2021. His main complaints were that the in-built RTX 3050 ti didn't pack enough punch to make the most of its 144hz refresh rate, and that the battery life only lasted 2-3 hours. The G5 KF addresses both problems, switching out the 3050ti for an RTX 4060, and a battery that'll stretch your gaming sessions to around 5 hours.

UK Deals:

Gigabyte G5 KF - £848 from Amazon UK (was £1200)

15.6in, 1920x1080, 144hz Panel, Intel Core i5-12500H, 16GB RAM, RTX 4060, 512GB SSD, 1.9kg

US Deals:

Gigabyte G5 KF - $749 from Amazon US (was $1100)

15.6in, 1920x1080, 144hz Panel, Intel Core i5-12500H, 16GB RAM, RTX 4060, 512GB SSD, 1.9kg

Add to that an Intel Core i5-12500H, a 15.6 inch screen, and support for Nvidia DLSS frame generation (which'll help those ray-traced games run nice and smooth) and you've got a pretty decent package. The biggest drawback is the 512GB SSD, which is a little measly for modern gaming. BUT, provided you don't mind voiding your warranty, there is a free M.2 SSD slot inside the laptop that'll let you expand that limited storage space.

The Gigabyte G5 KF normally retails for £1200 in the UK, but Amazon currently has it down to £848. That's roughly equivalent to the launch price of the original G5, so you're getting a lot of extra portable PC for your money. If you're in the US, you can get it even cheaper. It's down to just $750 from $1100. If you want snoop around for a better deal or a better laptop, however, you can always check out RPS' Best Black Friday gaming laptop deals.

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