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Get the best gaming headset for half price this Black Friday weekend

The brilliant Logitech G432 is cheaper than usual right now.

The Logitech G432 gaming headset rests on a keyboard.
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The Logitech G432 has been our pick for the best gaming headset for ages, and with good reason. It packs a huge amount of quality into a very reasonably priced package. And this Black Friday weekend, that package is even more reasonably priced than usual, as this fantastic headset is down to half-price in both the UK and the US.

Katharine reviewed the G432 back in 2019 and couldn't praise its audio enough, with its depth and clarity easily surpassing similarly priced headset, and even rivalling much pricier cans. "In Doom, for instance, every shot had a beautifully crisp, clean sound, and each burst of my Super Shotgun felt perfectly balanced against the pumping bass and guitars of the busy backing music." This audio quality is matched by a similarly excellent microphone.

UK Deals:

Logitech G432 - £39 from Amazon UK (was £80)

US Deals:

Logitech G432 - $36 from Amazon US (was $80)

It's also a pleasingly flexible headset, coming with a 3.5mm audio jack, a dual 3.5mm splitter, and support for virtual 7.1 surround sound. Katharine's only complaint was that she found the headset slightly uncomfortable, though she admits "other, larger-headed individuals may not have this problem." Nonetheless, the fact we're still raving about it four years after review gives you some idea of its enduring quality.

Amazon have the G432 priced at £39 in the UK (down from £80), and for $36 in the US (down from $80). It should be noted that it has been cheaper than that this year – it was just £35 in the UK during Amazon's Prime Day sale. But that's still an excellent price for audio quality to rival far more expensive headsets. If you are after something a little snazzier, however, you could always take a gander at RPS' best Black Friday PC gaming deals.

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