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Go ultrawide on a budget with £170 / $150 off the HP Omen 34c monitor this Black Friday

34 sprawling inches of curved, 165Hz gaming screen

The HP Omen 34c gaming monitor,
Image credit: HP

Ultrawide gaming monitors are good for two things: juggling the exploded mosaic of Chrome windows that it takes to be a hardware editor on Black Friday, and making your games look cooler. I’m too busy with the first to do much of the second right now, but you can get into ultrawide gaming for a relative pittance thanks to these Black Friday deals on the HP Omen 34c.

This 3440x1440, 165Hz display has dipped all the way down to £299 / $330, which is frankly peanuts for a fully gaming-spec curved behemoth that, as far as I know, doesn't have anything seriously wrong with it. Since it uses a VA panel, it’s not going to have the vibrancy or motion blur resistance of, say, a Fast IPS monitor, but you’ll be getting high brightness and contrast in exchange. And it’s only £299 / $330! For a 34in ultrawide! Even the HP X34, which I added to our best gaming monitors list specifically as a cheap ultrawide option, is more expensive than this.

UK deals:

HP Omen 34c - £299 from HP (was £470)

34in, 3440x1440, 165Hz, VA panel, AMD Freesync Premium

US deals:

HP Omen 34c - $330 from Best Buy (was $480)

34in, 3440x1440, 165Hz, VA panel, AMD Freesync Premium

There are a few more long, looooong displays in our roundup of the best Black Friday gaming monitor deals, but none as affordable as the 34c. Just make sure that you’ll be hooking it up to a graphics card that can wrangle the sheer amount of pixels, as 3440x1440 is a fair bit tougher to run than standard widescreen 2560x1440.

For all our top picks of the Black Friday sales, check out our guides to the best Black Friday PC gaming deals and the best Black Friday Steam Deck accessories deals. We'll be updating these with all the best-value offers on quality hardware as we find them.

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