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GTFO's final chapter is live now with new horrors

And the co-op FPS is free to try this weekend

Terrible sights in GTFO's final chapter.
Image credit: 10 Chambers

The final chapter of horrifying cooperative FPS GTFO is out now, sending it off with a scream as the developers look forward to their newly announced next game. The update, Rundown 8.0 Duality includes new expeditions, new awful beings to murder you, and new weapons to attempt to stop them. It looks awful in a lovely way. Maybe I'll finally pluck up the courage to give GTFO a proper go, especially as a free trial weekend is running on Steam and the game's discounted too. I'd have to be some sort of coward to ignore that. Some sort of coward who doesn't want to creep and fight through hordes of horrid meatmonsters.

"The GTFO story began at The Game Awards when the game was revealed back in 2017, so of course, we felt that it was right to also announce the final chapter at this year's show," said creative director Ulf Andersson. "It's important to note that while the story of GTFO comes to a close, the game will continue to be alive and kicking. Whether you're a new player or part of the existing GTFO community, the full game with four years worth of content is available to complete from start to finish — if you and your squad are up for the challenge, that is."

See the update announcement and patch notes for the rundown on the final Rundown. And while this is apparently the final chapter, 10 Chambers do say they plan to continue supporting GTFO with bug fixes. But mostly, they're on their new thing.

Immediately after announcing the final Rundown at Geoff Keighley's You've Been Gamed, 10 Chambers announced Den Of Wolves. That's a sci-fi cooperative heist FPS set on an unregulated city island where capitalism runs wild and we'll pick up work running industrial espionage, sabotage, theft, and assassinations. Sounds interesting! Also, computers are meat.

GTFO is holding a free three-day trial weekend on Steam right now. If you dig it, a 40% discount is running too, making it £21/€24/$24 until Thursday the 21st of December.

Can't get enough of Geoff's annual advert hype machine? Find all the announcements and more on our Game Awards 2023 hub page, and why not pop into our liveblog while you're here?

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