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Lenovo’s gigantic Legion R45w-30 ultrawide monitor is £100 off on Cyber Monday

With a few more savings this big, you could buy RPS

A man playing games on the Lenovo Legion R45w-30 monitor.
Image credit: Lenovo

Extra-large news for aspiring ultrawide enjoyers: the Lenovo Legion R45w-30, a titantic 45in, 31:9 gaming monitor, is £100 off in the Cyber Monday sales. With its 5120x1440 resolution, overclocked 170Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support, that’s £699 for specs that can very easily set you back over a grand. And, unlike buying the combined labours and livelihoods of the entire RPS team, there’s no months-long bidding process for this curved screen – you can just order it off Currys.

Like most wraparound monitors, the Legion R45w-30 totes a VA panel, characterised by high contrast (up to 3000:1 here) and brightness (up to 500cd/m2). That’s almost as bright as the future of Gamer Network, according to the people who want to sell it off. By making room for multiple USB 3.2 ports, USB-C, and Ethernet, it also consolidates a heap of useful ports into the rear panel, much like how media outlets are increasingly consolidated into the hands of a tiny number of megapublishers.

But yeah, £100 off!

UK deals:

Lenovo Legion R45w-30 - £699 from Currys (was £799)

45in, 5120x1440, 165Hz, VA panel, AMD Freesync Premium Pro

I am contractually obligated, at least for the time being, to remind you that there are lots of other PC hardware offers available via our Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals and Cyber Monday PC gaming deals hubs.

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