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Logitech's superb G Pro X Superlight esports mouse is down to $59.99 refurbished in the US

Compared to buying a new model for $100 at Amazon, this is a steal.

Logitech's best value FPS mouse, the G Pro Superlight, is down to $60 when you buy it refurbished in the US at the company's official store. That's a huge reduction from its launch MSRP of $150 and even the $100 that the refurbished models normally go for.

I love this mouse because it's extremely comfortable, with a smooth and streamlined symmetric shape that sits easily in the hand, with a lightweight 63g design. This makes it extremely agile for fast-paced games, and this is backed up by bulletproof Lightspeed wireless, a top optical sensor and excellent battery life too. That's why I ended up with two of them - one in black and one in pink - and I still use them on the regular for Counter-Strike 2, Valorant and Warzone.

This mouse is the most popular choice by far amongst esports players in games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike 2 and Valorant. Its moderate size fits almost all hands comfortably, while the performance is just unmatched.

There is a successor to this mouse now, the Superlight 2, but it's a relatively minor revision with 2KHz polling, more battery life and a few design tweaks - not a major change in terms of gameplay.

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