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Nexon's looter shooter The First Descendant swings into summer 2024

According to a new trailer at The Game Awards

Cinematic action in the 2023 Game Awards trailer for The Last Descendant.
Image credit: Nexon

I have absolutely no room in my life for another live service looter shooter but if it has grappling hooks, well, maybe I will install it for a wee look-see. I'm only human. Summer 2024 is when we'll all get to play The First Descendant, makers Nexon announced today during Geoff Keighley's Big Flick Through The Argos Catalogue. The news comes via a new cinematic trailer showing more of the sci-fantasy setting and, yes, a grappling hook.

I am painfully aware that any money spent on fancy trailers is money Nexon will need to make back with microtransactions

The First Descendant is a class/character-based third-person looter shooter with skills, guns, and, most importantly, grappling hooks. While I didn't personally play the open beta which ran earlier this year, what I've seen and heard from that makes it seem pretty unremarkable for the genre. The developers have talked about plans to change lots in response to beta feedback, mind. Did you play the beta, reader dear, and fancy telling us all more about it?

After playing thousands of hours of Destiny 2 across several years before finally tearing myself free, I'm not sure I could ever again play a live service looter shooter. I've had my lifetime's fill. Even if a game which had more respect for my time and money, I don't think I could. But I probably could install it to play with grappling hooks for a few hours. I'll tolerate a lot for a go on a grappling hook.

The First Descendant is due to launch free-to-play on Steam in summer 2024, also hitting Xboxes and PlayStations.

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