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NZXT’s Black Friday sale cuts up to 50% off their hot-swappable Function keyboards

Grown-up mechanical gaming keyboards, now from £59 / $50

The NZXT Function full-size, tenkeyless and mini-TKL gaming keyboards on a desk.
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I really liked the NZXT Function keyboards when they launched last year, and I still do today: all three are cleanly-designed and responsive gaming keyboards, and their hot-swappable mechanical switches make it a doddle to customise the under-the-finger feel. And speaking of today, it happens to be Black Friday, so we can add "up to 50% off" to their list of qualities.

You’ve got your pick of the full-size Function, the Function Tenkeyless, and my personal favourite, the even more compact Function MiniTKL. NZXT themselves have the best discounts in the US, while Amazon take that honour in the UK.

UK deals:

NZXT Function MiniTKL - £59 from Amazon UK (was £100)

NZXT Function Tenkeyless - £67 from Amazon UK (was £120)

NZXT Function - £81 from Amazon UK (was £130)

US deals:

NZXT Function MiniTKL - $50 from NZXT (was $100)

NZXT Function Tenkeyless - $60 from NZXT (was $110)

NZXT Function - $70 from NZXT (was $130)

All three let you yank out and replace the linear mech switches, even bundling in a keypuller, and although hot-swappable switches aren’t as uncommon a feature on mainstream boards as they were in 2022, there’s plenty else to like here. I always appreciated, for instance, how the media controls are positioned on the left, rather than on the right like most keyboards – this lets right-handed users make adjustments without needing to let go of their mouse. Clever!

Black Friday is closer to its end than its beginning – where I am, anyway – but there’s still time to consider these Function keyboards and all the other best Black Friday gaming keyboard deals.

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