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This £10 USB mic radically outperforms the one built into your headset or laptop

The Neat Bumblebee 2 is one we've featured before and highly recommend.

neat bumblebee 2 microphone on a desk showing its small stature
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At the start of the month we highlighted a US deal on the Neat Bumblebee 2, which saw the USB mic tumble from an MSRP of $100 to just $17 at Woot. Today we've found the UK equivalent, as you can now pick up this excellent mic for just £9.99 at Currys - with a further £2.99 for delivery or free collection if you prefer. That's a great deal for the mic that cost around £30 for all of Black Friday and comes with my personal recommendation.

So what makes this mic so good? Well, in short, as a condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern, this mic captures a lot more detail than the built-in mics present in headsets and laptops, letting you sound much better when playing games, having meetings or recording your voice. It's also USB, so it's a simple plug-and-play situation with computers, tablets, phones and even consoles like the PS4 and PS5.

I've used this mic as part of my regular testing over at Eurogamer, and found it both easy to use and capable of surprisingly detailed recordings.

The mic comes with a desk stand by default, but you can attach it to a mic arm as well if you want more convenient positioning and better isolation from typing sounds. There's also a 3.5mm port for zero-latency monitoring and a mute button with an LED so you can know when the mic is hot.

As I concluded in the US deal write-up, this is a phenomenal value microphone and well worth picking up at this discounted price!

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