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This electric standing desk is just £90 at Amazon

A budget price for a small but well-featured computer desk.

marsail standing gaming desk
Image credit: Marsail

Want a standing desk but don't have the budget to get something ultra-premium like Corsair's £1000 Platform:6, Ikea's £475 Bekant or Flexispot's £200 Essential Standing Desk? Well, no worries - there are even cheaper standing desks available online, and today you can pick one up from Marsail for just £80 using a voucher at Amazon UK, saving you £28.

This is definitely one of the most affordable electric standing desks, but you pay the price in terms of size. This one is just 100x60cm, which is a bit narrower and less deep than most mid-range options. Still, that could easily suit sometimes small British bedrooms, so no bad thing really!

The control options here are surprisingly good, with a control pad that allows you to set specific heights and then return to them later. The motor isn't the fastest, but it is fairly reliable and the desk can support a monitor, peripherals, etc. without issues.

You also get a bag that attaches to one of the legs, allowing you to keep various smaller bits and pieces within easy reach, and a hook for your headphones. All in all, not a bad outing for a very budget option.

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