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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

Deck the halls with strings of neon, reader dear, for Cyber Monday is almost upon is. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, bringing friends and family together to exchange warez, sing Front Line Assembly carols, and quaff mulled Jolt Cola in celebration of all things cyber. Ah, brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Please, do tell me what you're planning for Cyber Monday. And tell me what you're playing this weekend. Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I'm still trying to figure out the Roottrees' family tree, and I'm playing something for review that I can't talk about (classic games journo scum), but in between that I'm playing Universal Paperclips on my phone. It's this year's Cookie Clicker or Spaceplan, in that it is an idle clicker game about making paperclips, but it might be substantially less good and weird than either of those. Time will tell. I'm saving up for paperclip marketing.

I picked up language-deciphering puzzle game Chants Of Sannaar and unusual FPS Technophobia: Do Androids Go To Heaven? in the Steam sale so that's me sorted. Ideally I'll be out walking in the hills of Perthshire, mind, lapping the final drops of autumn from the bowl.

is away!

This weekend I'll be playing something rather hefty for review, but I'll hopefully find time for some Into The Breach on the Switch Steam Deck. Unlike the game I'm reviewing, Into The Breach is one of those games where everything you need to know fits on-screen at once, and as such, is a nice change of pace. Beyond that, I might give Alan Wake 2 another kick - I'm not that grabbed by the story, but it sure has some spooky interiors.

Good question. After the horror of Black Friday week I tend to collapse into an old comfort pick rather than anything that threatens to mentally tax me, so maybe some Team Fortress 2?

Probably won't do too much computer gaming this weekend as we've got a march to attend and then I'll be GMing a Pathfinder game for my wife, her brother, and his partner. (If anyone's interested, we're playing through a heavily modified version of The Slithering, an adventure about a curse that transforms people into oozes! It's lovely stuff.) I have been getting the weird urge to play Stardew Valley though, possibly because I've been listening to the soundtrack during work hours as a way to sooth the spirit and provide odd juxtaposition as I research how to unlock guns in Modern Warfare 3. So maybe I'll give either that or one of the old Harvest Moon games that inspired it a go if there's any spare time on Sunday.

The review train never stops, but at least I don't have to keep this one a secret anymore because it's already out. I'm playing In Stars And Time this weekend, the new time looping, very self-aware RPG that looks a little bit like Undertale. I'm still too early to get a sense of where it's going yet, but I like how its turn-based battles are all based around very literal rock-paper-shotgunscissor attacks, with monster sprites all indicating their respective RPS types (and therefore weaknesses) by the shape of their hands. It's a neat little visual gag, except for the monsters who just straight up don't have hands at all. Those require a bit more trial and error, but hey, if you've stomached playing Persona/Octopath Traveler/any other type of RPG that's about hunting down very specific weaknesses, you'll probably still have a good time with this. Full thoughts hopefully early next week.

is away!

is ? ? ?

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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