Code of Conduct

Please take the time to read and follow these simple guidelines and rules and your time on Rock Paper Shotgun and in comments threads will be spent happily!

Think before you post

  1. Intent: Are you writing something that you want to question, inform or share with the other users?
  2. Chill out: If someone is being an idiot, you don't have to join them.
  3. Worth: Is there a similar thread, are you creating a thread to reply to another, have you done a search?
  4. Spam: Blatant advertising, trolling and linking to illegal stuff such as warez are not allowed.
  5. Abuse: If your post is abusing other users or moderators you run the risk of being banned.


  1. We will remove posts that contain racist or homophobic remarks, personal abuse, libel, copyrighted material, excessive swearing, references to illegal activities and requests for CD keys or pirated software.
  2. Users who repeatedly post inflammatory ("troll") topics or contravene the site posting guidelines will find their posts removed and eventually their user account removed. Rock Paper Shotgun reserves the right to remove posting privileges from any account at any time. In general the staff will endeavour to issue warnings before a user account is removed or suspended, however, in the instance of severe transgressions, this action may be taken without any prior warning.
  3. If you spot a post in a comments thread that breaks our comments policy then please post in the Moderator Batphone category, or contact us and we will sort it out.
  4. Registering multiple accounts ("sockpuppets") could result in bans for some or all of the accounts in question. One person, one account.
  5. As long as you don't insult people, keep the discussion relevant and don't generally act like an idiot, you won't have to worry about being moderated.