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Silent Hill 2 remake devs Bloober Team are working on a licensed horror game from The Walking Dead creators

Project currently codenamed “R” will see a reveal in 2025

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Bloober Team, developers of Layers of Fear, The Medium and the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, have added another notable name to their plans for the next few years. The horror-focused studio is working with the creators of zombie comic book-turned-TV show The Walking Dead on a new video game adaptation.

The partnership between Bloober and Skybound Entertainment centres on the adaptation of an unannounced IP owned by Skybound. As well as The Walking Dead, the company has published comic book series including Invincible - which has itself been turned into an animated TV show, as well as recently stepping into video games - and produced this year’s horror-comedy movie Renfield, starring Nicholas Cage as Dracula. (It, too, got a video game.)

The new project is simply codenamed “R” for the time being - extrapolate from that as you will - and is due to be revealed sometime in 2025.

According to Bloober president Piotr Babieno, the studio will be “providing our horror know-how” to Skybound, which Babieno adding that “these are not titles that are intended to give us only financial profit, but are further steps in achieving our strategy by the end of 2027”.

Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One is an episodic adventure game set in the world of Robert Kirkman's zombie comics, released in 2012.
Image credit: Skybound Games

Skybound have their own video game arm, Skybound Games, who have released the Invincible spin-offs as well as indie games such as wrestling RPG WrestleQuest. In 2018, they picked up Telltale’s Walking Dead series to finish its final season.

A reveal in 2025 perhaps isn’t surprising, given that Bloober’s remake of Silent Hill 2 is yet to have a release date announced, with the studio clarifying earlier this year that they hadn’t said it was “ready for release”.

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