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RPS Asks: you to kindly fill out our annual 2023 readership survey

Pretty please?

Once again, we have reached that point in the year where we come to you with a warm grin and outstretched hands, saying: "Please, dear reader, will you fill out the RPS readership survey? It's very quick, and will only take 5-10 minutes of your time, so please consider filling it out if you find yourself at a loose end. It will be a big help for us in the year ahead.

This year's survey is very straightforward. It's been put together by Gamer Network - not Reedpop - and is mostly focused on your web browsing habits (which Gamer Network sites you read and how often etc), what kind of hardware you own, and if you're thinking about buying any new hardware in the foreseeable future.

If all of you are thinking about buying a VR headset this year, for example, we want to know about it so we can carry on writing stuff that's relevant to you. It also helps our advertising team make sure the adverts you see on RPS are for things you actually care about.

It doesn't take long to fill in, and it's all anonymous, too. Plus, you can skip any questions you don't fancy answering. You may notice there are some questions in there that aren't directly related to PC gaming, and that's because this survey is being run across all Gamer Network sites, such as Eurogamer, VG247, Nintendo Life and USG. As a result, if you've already filled it out on one of those sites, you don't need to do it again here.

So, if you've got a spare moment today, here's that survey link again, and thanks again for your time.

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