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World Of Goo 2 announced, bringing goop too

Surely the biggest news of The Game Awards

A sticky situation in World of Goo 2's announcement trailer.
Image credit: 2D Boy, Tomorrow Corporation

Look, they might as well call off The Game Awards. I thought announcing Pony Island 2 during the pre-show would be hard to top but to follow that up with the announcement of World Of Goo 2? Pack it up. We're done. The sequel to our favourite game of 2008 is due to launch in 2024, bringing not just new puzzles to build things from goo but exciting new fluids too. I can scarcely wait to cover my goo in goop. Have a peek in the trailer below.

Oh, I hadn't realised how much I've missed this

Look at all those fluids slopping about, your tar and lava and all that. Lovely stuff. I do notice one goo blog seems to let you alter the terrain, too. Solid details on the sequel are thin for now but what's known is on its website. And it confirms that yup, this is 2D Boy and Tomorrow Corporation reunited, "along with a squad of talented friends".

World Of Goo remains a delight. It's a simple building puzzle game concept: drag a limited supply of goo blobs around to form structures to reach a goal. But goo is gooey, and sags and flops and bounces. Then you add in new types of goo with different properties, perhaps buoyant or flammable, and it can all get mighty complicated. Wrap that up in beautiful art, charming music, and a story of bittersweet adventure, and oh how wonderful! So yeah, we said it was our favourite game of 2008, but it's still great today. Our Ollie revisited World Of Goo last year said and declared it "still offers more fun than nearly any puzzle game since." More goo, too.

"We hope you will love it as much as we've loved building and discovering this new world so far!" the devs say of the sequel. Me too, Sign Painter. Me too.

Can't get enough of Geoff's annual advert hype machine? Find all the announcements and more on our Game Awards 2023 hub page, and why not pop into our liveblog while you're here?

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