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Grab NZXT's Kraken 240mm AiO with LCD display for £90 at Scan UK

That's £40 off its normal price.

nzxt kraken 240 aio with lcd screen
Image credit: NZXT/Rock Paper Shotgun

I've long been a fan of NZXT's AiO liquid coolers - in fact, I'm building a PC with one tomorrow. You might be joining me on that, as today NZXT's Kraken 240mm AiO is down to £90 at Scan UK after a £40 discount. That's an excellent price for an all-in-one liquid cooler that sports an LCD screen for monitoring your temps or showing off your cat.

The 1.54-inch Kraken LCD display built into the pump (above your CPU when installed) can be set up in NZXT's CAM software, where you'll find plenty of options available including CPU health metrics, animated or static images and cool effects. You can also use CAM to change the fan speed, which is always handy if you want to - say - ramp things up for gaming or down when you're trying to concentrate on what to write next.

The Kraken 240 comes with two F120P static pressure optimised fans (sans RGB) and a high-performance Asetek pump that works brilliantly. Of course, you're free to replace the fans with RGB alternatives if you want to live that rainbow wave lifestyle.

All in all, a great AiO and one that's well worth considering at this reduced price, especially if you have a clear side panel that lets you read that LCD!

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